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5 days with Apple Watch - time is on my side

⌚️Apple Watch

After 5 days with Apple’s latest gadget I had to write this mini review. Couldn’t wait. The bottom line: love it, already used to having it. Why? Here goes:

5 days with Apple Watch - time is on my side

Love the form factor

I’m wearing my wife’s watch (38mm) as mine (42 mm) is in hands of our Nozbe developer who’s fine tuning our Watch app and I like how it looks on my wrist. I’m a short guy so the smaller size might be actually better for me…

Love the watch faces

I’m usually using Modular, sometimes switching to Chronograph and when I’m with kids I switch to… Mickey :-)

Love the apps

Although 3rd party apps only stream what’s on the iPhone, the ones I use I really like! I use mainly Nozbe to manage my task notifications and Overcast to listen to podcasts. Apple watch is a fantastic remote control for your iPhone!

Love the messages

The dictation works fantastically. I now reply to most of my messages via the watch. When notifications come, they’re usually interactive so I can reply to a task delegated to me or view the task and its comments.

Love the Watch

Love the fact how easily it became the part of my life. Now that I have it, it’s become the part of my routine.

Question: did you get your Apple watch? Do you like it?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 /watch-5days/