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Meeting by walking around is the healthiest way to do meetings!


There’s a management technique “old-school office managers” use which is called “management by walking around”. As a “#NoOffice company” I cannot do that, but what I can do and what I recommend you to start doing is this: “meeting by walking around”. Basically, when you’re having a meeting, go out for a walk and have it while walking around:

Meeting by walking around is the healthiest way to do meetings!

Schedule a meeting, go out, start an audio call and… walk and talk!

Recently I’ve had a few meetings with my CTO and The Podcast co-host Radek and each time we were scheduled to talk, we’d both go outside and have a walk. We live 2,000km apart, so we cannot meet outside, but by the power of FaceTime Audio we can have a great conversation while walking around town.

This tradition actually started when we were locked down in the pandemic and they would only let you go outside when you were walking on your own. So it was a perfect excuse to go outside and walk alone while chatting with each other.

All you need is your phone, wireless headphones and a bottle of water!

Speaking of AirPods Pro, I use them for these meetings as they cancel out noises and have a decent microphone. I always take the bottle of water (750ml) so that I stay hydrated. I start an “outdoor walk workout” on my Apple Watch and we talk.

While we chat, when I need to refer to something, I can always stop and open Nozbe on my iPhone to discuss a particular task or comment. And then continue walking!

Get out of the office! Start a meeting by walking around!

While I was meet-walking the other day, my friends were passing by in their car close to me, they stopped and asked where I was going. I responded that I was on a meeting. My friend was surprised and she shouted:

Michael, I love your job!

That was so sweet. But please do try it yourself. Maybe you will also be able to have a meeting like that! I totally recommend it! Walking and talking is good for your heart, your overall health and keeps you calmer if you walk around nature (go to a park!). Will you try it?

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