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What I’m thankful for this year


Yes, it’s a crappy year. 2020 is seriously bugged. Our life has changed dramatically. We can’t do the things we used to do. We need to wear masks everywhere and avoid other people. However, even today in 2020, on the American Thanksgiving day, I can think of several things I’m thankful for.

People understood that work from home is real work

I understand that it’s not cool that people were forced to work form home. They weren’t prepared and they had to adapt quickly. And this, with kids running around and doing homeschooling. However, thanks to this sudden experiment, as I wrote in the Chapter 22 of my #NoOffice book, the pandemic legitimized work from home.

I’ve been saying for years that:

Work is not a place you go to but a thing that you do!

But people still thought that working from home was something inferior. It wasn’t real work. Now this mindset has changed. And many people don’t even want to come back to their offices full time like they used to.

Finally I’m not the only weirdo that works from home. And I’m thankful for it!

There’s going to be a new US President, less divisive, more inclusive, more normal…

I still can’t believe that a person like that was the president of the most powerful country in the world. A true villain was in power and he did lots of damage.

Thanks to an amazing effort of mobilizing Americans to vote, he was finally fired. The new president gives me hope also for the European countries who are similarly divided as the USA, to break free from nationalism, racism and hatred. Especially my country of Poland needs it badly now.

I’m thankful for this change in the USA and I’m happy my American friends a have hope for a better future.

My family is healthy and generally we’ve had a good year

This year shows us we really can’t take health for granted. Lots of people died that were not meant to die this year. Far too many! So I’m thankful my family is doing fine and my closest friends, too. Even those who went through COVID are fairly OK now. I’m thankful for it.

I’m happy that as a family we actually had a pretty good year. We survived the early confinement pretty OK, we travelled only a little and only when and where we could in a safe way. We just stuck together. And we’re not fed up with each other. Quite the contrary. As a family I think we’ve become a better team.

My business is doing OK and I still get to work on what I love

Lots of businesses had to close this year. Nozbe is still alive and kicking and we’re OK thanks to our awesome customers. We managed to finally launch Nozbe Teams and we have first few paying clients using the product and they love it. Still not as many as we’d hoped, but we’re doing everything we can to change that and reach a true hockey-stick growth. The world of team productivity, here we come!

I’m really thankful I get to work on what I love every single day and it brings me and people on my team enough income that we don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

And as a “thank you” we launched a special Black Friday offer.

I’m thankful I can contribute here!

I’m thankful that you’re reading this and I can write on this blog. I’ve had my blog at for more than a decade and this year I’ve made this switch to this new domain and new blog and I love it. I’m slowly migrating past posts and adding the missing ones. It all brings me lots of joy and I’m thankful I can write here and people like to read it.

Writing this, makes me thankful!

What I’m thankful for this year

Thursday, November 26, 2020 /thanksgiving/