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Thanksgiving - what I’m thankful for this year


Although I’m not American and I live in Europe and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all, I can relate to this celebration anyway, because it’s always nice to stop for a second and think what I’m thankful for…

Thanksgiving - what I’m thankful for this year

  1. I’m thankful for my family, and especially for my daughter who was born in January this year. And for my wife who gave birth to my baby girl… I have two exceptional females in my home and I love both of them with two totally different kind of love… and it’s empowering and motivating… and rewarding.

  2. I’m thankful for my job - I get to create a web app that makes a difference and touches lives of thousands of people in the world… and on top of that I get to blog, video blog and help prepare a cool and free magazine… and it all is lots of fun and keeps me going and growing.

  3. I’m thankful for my faith - for the fact that Jesus Christ is my savior and I have nothing to fear, because he’s present in my life everyday and if anything goes wrong or not as it’s supposed to, I know he’s by my side. It gives me great deal of confidence and a lot of power to do great things.

My life isn’t a fairy tale. Which one is? I’m also having problems, issues, worries… but whenever I’m thinking about the three things that I get to be thankful for, I understand that none of the bad stuff matters, because thanks to these three reasons life is great and there is a reason for every day to be a Thanksgiving day.

And what are you thankful for? How do you spend Thanksgiving?