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Lifehack: Baking soda and super glue - how to fix almost anything!


This tip has blown my mind 🤯. It turns out that with a basic super glue and Baking soda (or Sodium Bicarbonate) you can fix almost anything. It started with my daughter’s headphones - her Beats Solo 3 wireless broke and initially I wanted to buy the replacement parts, but then I stumbled across a video (embedded below) that convinced me to do it differently. Here’s the result of my fix:

Lifehack: Baking soda and super glue - how to fix almost anything!

Baking soda and super glue = cement!

Turns out, baking soda and super glue create this kind of cement when they interact with each other. All you have to do is to initially glue things with just super glue and apply a few layers of it: glue stuff, wait for it to dry, glue again.

After that you put glue again but then you sprinkle it with baking soda and remove the excessive amount of it with an old tooth brush. Process is like this: put glue, sprinkle with baking soda, wait a little, remove excess soda with tooth brush and wait for it to dry and repeat. And then paint it with a nail polish or something.

Here’s the video that opened my eyes:

My daughter has been using her Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones fixed like this since February and they work flawlessly and didn’t break since!

To make the headphones look better and hide the soda effect, I used some tape around the headphones, but this tape doesn’t add to the rigidity of the solution. It’s there only for cosmetics.

Not just daughter’s headphones, my water bottle, too!

I love my Contigo water bottle but it fell once and broke in the crucial place where I normally hold it to carry. I thought it’d never be fixed as it broke in a spot that carries all the weight of the bottle and liquid. Well, with super glue and baking soda I fixed it:

Lifehack: Baking soda and super glue - how to fix almost anything! 2

And I’ve been using the bottle for the last three months and no issues whatsoever! Amazing fix!

Monday, May 8, 2023 /soda/