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Re-discovering productivity-boosting podcasting


OK, many people have been listening to podcasts for years now. I actually have had an iPhone for more than two years now and I never “got” this whole podcasting thing… until recently when I subscribed to several podcasts which I’m listening to whenever I’m on the move (subway, car)

Re-discovering productivity-boosting podcasting

I’ve listened to several audiobooks on my iPhone, but podcasting has its great advantages:

The content is fresh, new and really great

There are some really fantastic podcasts out there. Really passionate people are creating great content with lots of value and many tips and tricks on almost any subject. I stick to my two favorite categories: productivity and startup/business.

iTunes makes updating podcasts and sending them to the iPhone a snap

Whenever there are new episodes, they are downloaded right away and synced seamlessly to my iPhone so when I leave home I know there is always something new to listen to.

It sounds obvious, but it’s just a fun way to learn new things

I know, I know, most of you have already tried podcasting and I’m kind of new to it, but unlike radio, where there are more ads or irrelevant news, or music which I don’t always feel like listening, with podcasting I’m always exposed to new and fresh content where I usually learn something new with each new episode.

I even created a video podcast using iLife (iMovie + Garageband + iWeb) of my Productive! Show

Video podcasting is really cool. I thought I should only use YouTube to distribute my Productive! Show but I created a video podcast and the episodes look really great on my iPhone:

Productive! Show on iTunes

Would you recommend me some podcasts?

As I’m exploring productivity and startup/business podcasts, do you have any favorites? Any recommendations?