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On ProductivityCast about Nozbe Teams

🤩Guest appearances

I was invited for an interview on ProductivityCast to talk about Nozbe Teams. I’m a listener of this show, so it was a real treat to be there as a guest.

On ProductivityCast about Nozbe Teams

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Here’s what they wrote about me:

Over the past decade, Nozbe has become known as one of the best task managers on the market inspired by the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. (We’ve done a GTD podcast series, and we’ve recently interviewed David Allen, creator of GTD.) They have now come out with a completely independent product called Nozbe Teams, and as you can imagine it’s focused on small organization productivity inspired by all the lessons learned from their work with Nozbe Personal. We sat down with Nozbe CEO Michael Sliwinski to talk about getting things done in Nozbe Teams–how it’s different from Nozbe Personal, what they learned from users, and what’s on the horizon for Nozbe Teams (now out in beta).

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020 /productivitycast/