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Launching 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course


Last year I announced on this blog that I was planning to record a new 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course. It was a big deal for me, the 2008 course was viewed more than 120,000 times on YouTube and our great Nozbe customers needed an update. It was a very scary project, recorded almost entirely by me in 5 languages (I got help in Japanese :-) but finally we recorded and today let me show the course’s trailer and invite you to view the course in English:

You can also watch this 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course on YouTube. As you can see, I recorded the course in 4 languages and did intros in Japanese. I’ve poured my heart and soul into it. I sure hope it was worth it. I sure hope people will look past my accent (I’m Polish, so English, German, Spanish and Japanese are not my mother tongues :-) and focus on the content. That’s the idea. Each lesson is short and to the point (~5 minutes).

Today I invite you to watch the course in English

Over the course of the next weeks we’ll also launch the course in German, Spanish, Polish and Japanese but today I invite you to watch it in English:

Introduction - what the course is all about

Step 1 - “Inbox” - how to manage all of your inputs

Step 2 - “Projects” - how to become a true project manager

Step 3 - “Next Actions” - what they are and how to find them and focus on them

Step 4 - “Mobility” - how to get things done anywhere, with any device…

Step 5 - “Collaboration” - how to get things done with others - learn to finally delegate tasks and create synergies

Step 6 - “Contexts” - batch your tasks according to the tool you have ready, the place you’re in and much more…

Step 7 - “Reference Material” - manage your documents, papers, letters… and have them ready to help you get things done

Step 8 - “Weekly Review” - why it’s so important to review your productivity regularly.

Step 9 - “Email” - how to deal with the flood of incoming email messages and how to get your inbox to zero

Step 10 - “Get It All Done” - how to start and implement everything you’ve learned in the past lessons and create your Perfect Productivity System (TM)

I wanted to sell the course first… but it’s free thanks to Nozbe

The material of the course is very generic and can be applied to any productivity tool you’ll use (including pen and paper) even though I give lots of examples from Nozbe there (well, it’s the tool I use, right?).

I initially pondered about the idea of charging for the course. Based on the other courses out there, I could have easily charged a few hundred bucks for it and I’d find many happy customers. After all, recording the course, hiring a professional crew, professional translators, make-up artist and overall getting this project done cost us lots of money… but I decided this material should be available to anyone - even if they don’t end up among close to 200,000 happy Nozbe users they should at least learn a few productivity tips and tricks.

That’s why the course is free, generously sponsored by Nozbe.

Go check out the course and let me know what you think

And if your mother tongue is German, Spanish, Polish or Japanese, wait a week or so and you’ll enjoy the course in your language.

One more thing for Nozbe users

We’re preparing a special “Introduction to Nozbe” video screencast showing you the basics of Nozbe from the point of a new Nozbe user, based on the 10 steps outlined in the course. This video screencast is also coming very soon and will be included in thew new Nozbe web app and in our [native desktop and tablet apps][na].

Question: How did you like the course? Did you enjoy it? What is missing? What can be enhanced? What would you like to learn more about?

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