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Enjoying the present moment - thoughts after Nozbe Reunion


As I’m now on my plane back home from the Nozbe Reunion, I’ve been thinking about the past week: how it went and what we’ve done. And one of the things that stood out for me was the fact that we’ve spent lots of time “in the moment”, “in present”, giving each other undivided attention. And it was great. Here’s why:

Enjoying the present moment - thoughts after Nozbe Reunion

Individual talks with me were truly one-on-one. It was just me and a member of my team, sitting at a table in an empty room, without our smartphones or computers, with no interruptions. Enjoying this moment we have for each other. Getting our conversation deeper than we would normally do. And very often getting to decisions we would normally never get to, if it wasn’t for this “alone time” with one another.

Having fun playing games we were totally immersed in the moment. We played football, ping pong, valley ball, mafia… And I noticed we were totally enjoying each other’s company and the moments we shared together. It was fun. It was meaningful. It was amazing.

Brainstorming together when listening to each other’s presentations. This was harder. Sitting on a presentation requires more focus so I asked everyone to put their laptops away. But it was a good thing to do. Thanks to this trick everyone had to listen to their colleague presenting. This created lots of comments and meaningful discussions. And we’ve learned a lot about our company and each other’s role in it.

Consciously living in the moment takes commitment but it’s so worth it.

I’m very tired now, but I’m so happy we spent this Nozbe Reunion more in the moment than the previous ones. It was great. And I’m committed to trying living in a moment more every day.

Question: How hard is it for you to live in the moment and give someone your undivided attention?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 /present/