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The Podcast #1 - Introduction to Radek and me :-)


Together with Radek (our VP of Apple Tachnologies at Nozbe) we decided to start a weekly podcast about “technology, productivity tips, business, publishing, and whatever else comes to mind.” We’ve been chatting about these things for a while and a few weeks ago we decided to switch to English and start recording our chats. This is how “The Podcast” was born and I’d love to welcome you to listen our very first episode:

The Podcast #1 - Introduction to Radek and me :-)

In this episode we introduce ourselves, explaining to our audience (which we don’t have yet, because it’s our first show, so please do have a listen :-) what we’re all about. We also dive right into the latest Apple Keynote on Apple’s WWDC - Worldwide Developers Conference - and explain what the changes presented there mean to the industry and stuff we’re working on, like Nozbe and Remag.

Listen to this week’s episode:

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Show notes for this episode:

Thursday, June 25, 2015 /podcast-1/