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10 things I recommend you have in your home office!


A few months back I recorded this video short for our Nozbe YouTube Channel but I never published it until today - and apart from being lots of fun, I think this video of 10 things I recommend you get for your home office is very informative - so just get these things:

10 things you absolutely must have in your home office according to me!

  1. Good ambient light for focused work
  2. Good in-your-face light when you’re on a video conference
  3. A stand-up desk so you can alternate your work position
  4. Good microphone for video calls and any kind of audio recording
  5. Good cameras or web cams so that people see you clearly - bonus points for a professional camera with teleprompter
  6. Chill out zone for your media consumption and break from work
  7. Lots of charging cables and stations so that you can always have your gadgets charged!
  8. Personal touches on the wall - put LEGO on the wall!
  9. A green screen for really professional video calls
  10. Bonus - baby Yoda or anything else you really really like - because why not?

This is what I think a great #NoOffice home office should have! And you?

P.S. Here’s official link to this short video

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 /office-things/