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My #NozbeOffice - what’s my desk like? What helps me get things done?


On our Nozbe blog we started an action showing our offices. We also asked our users on Twitter with hashtag #NozbeOffice and it’s amazing to see how and where people get their things done. So in the spirit of sharing my home office space I decided to write this blog post explaining why my home office in 2016 looks like this - because everything is here for a reason:

My #NozbeOffice - what’s my desk like? What helps me get things done?

My 2016 home office setup in a nutshell:

Ikea height-adjustable desk, iMac 5K with Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, iPad Pro with Logitech Ultrathin keyboard and Apple Pencil… and lastly my iPhone 6S Plus (taking the picture). And a mug with my hometown (Gdynia) name on it.

Now, why I use these devices? Here goes:

Ikea height-adjustable desk

This is a new desk from Ikea. It’s amazing. It goes up and down with a push of a button. Right now I’m writing this post while standing next to this desk. This way I alternate my work time between sitting and standing. It’s not extremely expensive - around $500 - which is cheap considering how much these desks used to cost in the past. Thank you Ikea!

iMac 5K

My new Mac. Bought it last summer. Gave my Macbook Pro to my wife. Love the big 27” screen. Love the power of this thing. Amazing.

I have sold the Apple keyboard that comes with it and bought the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard (recommendation from Marco). I’ve been using natural keyboards in the past and this one is very comfy and light on my wrists.

I use both the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad. I’m right-handed but I learned to use the mouse with my left hand, so I have the mouse on the left side and the trackpad on the right side. I like using both :-)

iPad Pro

My newest iPad. Still adjusting to this thing. It’s really big but very comfortable - especially the split-screen on it is fantastic. On this photo you see I’ve been brainstorming my 2016 goals on a mind map in iThoughts application. It works great on a 13” screen.

As an external keyboard in my home office I use Logitech Ultrathin (from my old iPad Air) and when I’m on the go with my iPad I use the Zagg Flex Keys.

These days when I’m at my home office I use my Mac a lot more than before, but whenever I’m on the go, I’m still iPad only. Also when I travel.

I have the Apple Pencil and I love it so far. Like drawing on paper - just digitally. I use the iOS Notes or Paper by 53 for drawing.

iPhone 6S Plus

My phone of choice. Love it and get lots done on it

The “S” version has 2GB of RAM which is a great improvement and I do love Live Photos of my daughters.

And I love my Apple Watch to go with it.

This is where I get things done - and you?

Question: What’s in your #NozbeOffice?

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