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iPad Pro. iPhone 6s Plus and other things I’m going to buy this year


Yesterday Apple had its keynote address and instead of doing two events like they did in previous years this time they squeezed everything new into one event and revealed new iPad, new iPhone and new Apple TV. Here’s what I think about all this:

iPad Pro. iPhone 6s Plus and other things I’m going to buy this year

Apple TV - I have two at home now. I’m going to replace one of them with a new one and see how it performs. What I don’t understand is the effort they put into the remote when they could’ve improved the iPhone app for that.

iPhone 6S Plus - first off it’s a mouthful of a name. Second I don’t know if it has more RAM than my current one. But if it does I’m getting it. The force touch thing and camera improvements are worth it. The fact they offer 16GB as a base model makes me sad. Makes this tweet so true.

iPad Pro - I’m definitely getting it with the pencil. As the co-author of #iPadOnly book I’m curious how it performs. I still don’t get it why they insist on typing in horizontal view like on a laptop. Where my favorite way of typing on an iPad is in vertical view.

Question: what do you think about Apple’s news?

Thursday, September 10, 2015 /ipadpro/