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Nozbe - app for SMART business owners and teams - turns 17!


Last week, on February 1, Nozbe turned 17 years old and as I reflect over these last years I’d like to dig deeper into who is Nozbe really for? While working with Seth Godin’s marketing book I was thinking how to really convey to our current and future customers what we as Nozbe believe in. What’s our why? Because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Not only our core values but also how we work, how we’re remote first, we don’t use email to collaborate, or have very few meetings. How to create this tension and play with status. How to say that people like us do things like this. Being a productivity nerd and loving the SMART acronym for goal setting, I decided to piggy-back on it and create my own way.

Nozbe - app for SMART business owners and teams - turns 17!

Nozbe has always been a promise of better productivity

I founded Nozbe 17 years ago, back in 2007 because I needed a digital tool to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done - I wanted to work in a better way. And many people wanted it, too.

This was my first promise: with Nozbe you will implement GTD (Getting Things Done) in a digital way and it will make you more productive.

The first customers came over because people like us do things like this which meant:

People like us (who read the book by David Allen and wanted to implement GTD - Getting Things Done - in a digital way), use Nozbe to get it all done.

Nozbe wasn’t a generic to-do app. It was a to-do app for people implementing getting things done methodology.

Today Nozbe has matured into a productivity tool for Small Business Owners - and we call them SMART for a reason!

It’s been 17 years since I started Nozbe and things have progressed. Our app is no longer just for people who know GTD, but it’s for any busy professional out there. Especially small business owners, who want to work in a smart way.

Nozbe is for smart business owners and their teams.

Thanks to Nozbe:

Nozbe helps Smart Business Owners (and their teams) get organized in a simple way.

Ultimately Nozbe is a lifestyle app:

Nozbe helps Smart Business Owners (and their team members) get their business and personal life organized in a simple way.

Who are SMART Business Owners?

Smart Business Owners are modern entrepreneurs who want to manage it all as effectively as possible from any device, be it a computer, tablet or a smartphone.

Smart Business owners are modern, tech-savvy and unstoppable. They believe they can change the world!

Smart Business Owner:

You can access Nozbe’s powerful features through its simple interface. Even non-tech savvy people can quickly learn to use Nozbe. The app is available on all the platforms (computers, smartphones and tablets) with its simple structure of: projects, tasks and comments.

As you add feedback in comments to tasks in Nozbe, most “status” meetings become unnecessary. Everything is being discussed in a written form asynchronously. You regularly host only few meetings and only if they are really needed.

You plan and execute easily with projects. You set up templates as procedures. You convert emails to tasks automatically and your team is able to get more done with smaller headcount. You work better and more efficient than your bigger competitors!

Nozbe becomes your main office in the cloud. All projects, tasks, comments, messages and files are available from anywhere. Attachments are encrypted for additional security. This lets everyone on your team work from anywhere and embrace hybrid future.

With Nozbe you can set up business workspaces and a personal workspace for your private life. It all can be managed with one app, so you’ll never lose track of anything. And if you need assistance, our friendly support will help you out, so no stress!

Nozbe lets a Smart Business Owner execute in a SIMPLE way, have fewer MEETINGS and achieve their AMBITIONS. Nozbe also helps them embrace REMOTE work and value TIME of everyone on their team.

If you are a Smart Business Owner, Nozbe is for you! 🫵

Nozbe - app for SMART business owners and teams - turns 17! - sketch

With Nozbe, Smart Business Owner and everyone on their team works in a smart way, because:

Nozbe exists to serve Smart Business Owners

Nozbe users are busy professionals, solo-preneurs and small and medium-sized businesses of 10, 20 or more people from diverse industries. Nozbe is not for enterprise.

Nozbe is for smart businesses that want to out-smart the enterprise.

When I started Nozbe 17 years ago I believed there was a place on the market for a tool that would help busy professionals simply get things done. Hundreds of thousands of users later, I see Nozbe helping smart business owners and their teams be more organized, serve their customers better and outsmart their competitors, while having a better work-life balance and finding more joy at their work. This is the Nozbe way.

After 17 years of running Nozbe I’m still excited about it. Are you in?

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