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Nozbe means Productivity on the Mac App Store


Normally on this blog (being my personal blog and all) I try not to promote my business too much to you. Yes, I do mention Nozbe or Productive! Magazine every now and then, but they are not the point of this blog. Well, today I’m so proud I just have to talk about Nozbe and especially our desktop version for the Mac which is the top “Productivity” app on the Polish Mac App Store and top 3 free app overall :-)

Nozbe means Productivity on the Mac App Store

Man, it was a long journey

More than two months ago I posted about our struggle to get our app accepted to the Mac App Store in the first place. After a long struggle, changing technologies two times (seriously!) and testing lots of solutions. We got in. And boy we did with a splash!

Top 3. free app and top “Productivity” app

These top scores come from the Polish Mac App Store, so relatively small app store if you compare it to the Japan or the USA, but boy, seeing our icon as the icon that stands for “Productivity” and that we’re higher than Mac OSX Lion or Evernote or other category killers there - it really rocks! It’s a great feeling.

Speaking of other stores, we’re not so far behind there anyway - we’re in top #20 free apps in Productivity in most Mac App Stores right now and we were in top 10 in Productivity in Japan a few days ago. Overall pretty great success :-)

I do want to thank some of the folks here…

This “small success” makes me thankful and grateful. I’d like to thank especially my CTO, Tomasz for an amazing job fighting to get this app finished and accepted. He never gives up - he’s the best! I’d like to thank Radek, our chief designer for an amazing design work with this app (and icon design, too).

Also our other developers: Paul who did most of the work on the initial version of the app, Staszek who keeps tweaking and optimizing it and Krzysztof who’s leading the development of the future versions of this app (yes, it’s only the beginning!).

Last but not least - I’d like to thank our support team: Delfina, Iwona and Zofia for preparing the app launch and making it a success. The girls did an amazing job.

As this post is not an Oscar-acceptance speech, I’ll finish with thanking my entire Nozbe team for being there and making our work an amazing journey which seems we’re just getting started (after being more than 5 years in business!).

And most importantly, I’d like to thank our fantastic Nozbe customers for being the most supportive and productive people on the planet. We are doing all this for you.

Yes, we are really just getting started

What you see on the Mac App Store is only the beginning. 2012 will be busy for us. This app will be updated frequently with fantastic features and there will be more great stuff coming from our company to compliment this app.

Anyway, was proud, couldn’t go to sleep, had to write this :-)