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How about playing a long game, Apple?


I’m using my new 13” M4 iPad Pro to write a new essay on Apple called: “Abundance. What if Apple let others compete on their platforms?” where I argue Apple would be better off long-term if they indeed, competed…

How about playing a long game, Apple?

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🎟️ iPhone NFC module for more than Apple Wallet?

If NFC module on the iPhone was available for developers, would we have an ecosystem of wireless car keys, house keys or public transport tickets?

💰 IAP - In App Purchase not exclusive?

If they let apps use various purchase systems, would customers appreciate different modes of payment and Apple’s own in-app purchase system would actually be better?

🛒 Different App Stores?

If Apple let there be different App Stores with apps that Apple doesn’t allow now, would we have a variety of game emulators, language compilers and other apps that would make our super powerful M4 iPad Pros more professional?

⛑️ App Store would be safer?

With competing App Stores, would Apple’s default App Store finally get better at catching bullshit apps and weekly subscription scams which they now profit from?

💨 Speed of innovation?

By opening themselves up, Apple would invite a speed of innovation much faster than they can perform themselves, so we wouldn’t have to hear the word “Patience” uttered so many times by Apple’s executives when interviewed.

🛑 EU and other markets would love Apple again!

Apple would also innovate faster as they wouldn’t waste energy on fighting European Union’s Digital Markets Act and other countries, while inventing Core Technology Fees that prohibit competition.

⁉️ WHY Apple aren’t you playing a long game?

Dear Apple, why don’t you listen to Steve Jobs who famously said: “Let’s let get of the notion that for Apple to win, others have to lose. For Apple to win, Apple has to do a great job”.

🫵 How do you think Apple should compete?

Let me know what you think 🤔 by replying to this and post your comments on if/how Apple should open themselves up for competition to enrich their platforms long term!

P.S. Inspired by MG Sigler’s “Compete” on 500ish

Thursday, June 27, 2024 /news-compete/