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Updates on #NoOffice book, my productivity course and a glimpse into my life…


The month of February is ending, still 10 months of 2016 left to make it your best year ever. Hope you’re doing great and you’re moving towards completing your goals. Today I’d like to share with you a few inspiring resources that will set you up on a right track for the remainder of the year!

Updates on #NoOffice book, my productivity course and a glimpse into my life…

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To have a productive day…

You have to start it right. This is why a properly designed and executed “morning routine” is so important. We talk about it on two last episodes of The Podcast with Radek. In episode 34 we share our ideal morning routines and in episode 35 I confess I’m doing really good with mine. How is your morning routine going?

But there’s more to a happy life than just a morning routine:

To have a great marriage…

No, I’m not a relationship expert but I’ve been married to my wife almost 11 years now. We have 2 daughters and third one on the way… and one of the things that keep us together is our habit of going on a “honeymoon” every year. Yes, one trip without children every year. Just two of us.

Have you checked out my “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course”?

If you haven’t, now you can get it as an eBook, audiobook, podcast, template and in many other ways. I’ve recorded this course 3 years ago but the advice there still stands and I keep receiving great feedback on it. To make it easier for you to get this course, I’ve set up a new page at

More inspiration… from my friends and mentors!

To give you even more inspiring resources I compiled all the interviews I did for the Productive! Magazine over the years into a handy template.

My interviews - get the template, bookmark it or add it to your Nozbe account.

You’ll be able to watch and listen to the interviews I did with amazing people like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Michael Hyatt, David Allen, Brian Tracy, Jason Fried, Gretchen Rubin and many many more…

Side note: is this new way of sharing knowledge with others. Just create a project in Nozbe, save it as a project template and later share it. It’s very easy and we’ve got many templates done by our fantastic Nozbe user community.

My #NoOffice book is coming along…

No official publish date yet, but we’re working on the launch strategy for it and on the content. I can’t believe that what started as a series of blog posts on Medium will turn into a book. Just this week I was interviewed by a good friend and one of the top bloggers in Poland, Michal Szafranski on the topic and we talked 2 hours straight and we haven’t even scratched the surface of the subject!

People still can’t believe that I’m running a 30+ person company all remote, without a central office, and we’re doing great and we love it.

Have a great weekend and the rest of the year!

Thanks for being here with me! Hope at least some of the resources in this email will resonate with you and will help you get the most of this year! And if you have any comments, don’t be a stranger and reply to let me know!

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