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Ask Me Anything. Yes, seriously :-)


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A while ago, when you downloaded my book on passion, you agreed I could email you every now and then, so I’m sending you this short message today to give you an opportunity to:

AMA - Ask Me Anything - just reply to this email!

Ask Me Anything. Yes, seriously :-)

Last month we had a big Nozbe promo celebrating our 8 years in business. It ended precisely on my birthday (May 20) so I decided to give my Nozbe customers a few gifts, and one of them was an invitation to “ask me anything”.

And they did! I responded to hundreds of emails with questions from people from all over the world! It was amazing.

Some of the most common questions I got:

… and the answer to that is in my book: “It’s All About Passion”

… and I answer this not only in my book, but also in this “interview”

… basically Nozbe, Evernote and Dropbox

And many, many more.

Now, if you missed on the Nozbe promo email and didn’t get the chance to ask me anything, now you can - just hit reply and start asking questions!

And before you do, you might want to check my blog - I’ve been posting regularly this month, including new episodes of the Productive! Show, new issue of Productive! Magazine with mentor and friend of mine - Simon Grabowski, my Apple Watch experiences…

…and a new podcast (called: “The Podcast”) I launched with Radek, VP of Apple Technologies at Nozbe.

Anyway, get your questions ready and Ask Me Anything if you wish!

Have a great rest of the week!

P.S. You can Ask Me Anything in the comments to this post, as well :-)

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