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New Macbook Air seduces me again…


I watched yesterday’s Apple Keynote anxiously waiting for the new Macbook Air and Apple delivered again… and although I was hoping for a bigger breakthrough, the new Air is tempting enough to consider an upgrade from my current machine

New Macbook Air seduces me again…

There are two new Macbook Air models and I go with the “big one”.

My current Macbook Air is my only computer. It’s my day-to-day machine. When I’m at the office, I hook it up to the external display and I work on two monitors at a time. That’s why I need the screen to be as big as possible. I’m going with the 13” model.

What I dig about the new Air? Double RAM, SDD disk size… and battery

Although I got used to constraints of 2 GB of RAM and only 128 GB SSD drive, and even the around 4-hour work time… I’ll be more than happy to double these parameters as they were the kind of constraints I never got comfortable with.

What I don’t like about the new Air?

Not too much, it’s a beauty, but there are some things I could complain about:

Underpowered CPU - c’mon, my one-and-half year old Macbook Air will have the same processor speed as the new one. What happened with the Moore’s law and with doubling the power of chips every year?

SD card slot - why would I need that? I use iPhone 4 for photos, videos and everything. SD is the thing of the past for me. Although I understand some might need that.

Placement of Magsafe plug - I’d wanted to have it on the same side as the external monitor plug. This way I’d plug all the cables from one side. Well, you can’t have everything :-)

Only 0.1 lbs lighter. I thought they’d push the weight even more down. Although I understand the batteries have to weight their thing.

But as you can see, it’s hardly a lot to complain about. The benefits are clear and very appealing…

Will I get one? Definitely maybe.

I’m going to the States in one month so there’ll be some time to see if the new Air suffers from the same overheating problems as the old one. Although even these problems can always be fixed with Coolbook and smcFanControl… but I’d rather Apple solved this once and for all.

If all goes well I’m getting one and I’m replacing my “old” Air with the new one. The benefits will help me get more done, ‘cos after all my Macbook Air is my only machine and I want it to be the best one that gets me my job done.

Did you like the new Macbook Air? Which one are you getting?

Thursday, October 21, 2010 /new-macbook-air-seduces-me-again/