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How I’m keeping my coffee ☕️ warm using the Ember mug


I normally don’t write reviews of products on this blog, but every now and then there comes a product that truly delights me and makes my life just a tiny bit more enjoyable - so I felt like writing a short review of a mug, that keeps my coffee and tea warm…

How I’m keeping my coffee ☕️ warm using the Ember mug

Solving “first world problems” with Ember mug

When I was getting a coffee in Starbucks in the USA this summer, I noticed a new type of mug in their offering. A “smart mug” that has an app… and what it does is this - it keeps your coffee warm.

That’s it. $80 bucks for a mug that keeps your coffee warm for about half an hour. As a gadget guy, I got curious, I watched a review on YouTube and realized this mug was for real… so I decided to get it to really give it a try.

When you work from home and your home office is on the top floor of your house, your drink gets cold quickly…

Yes, I have to go down to the kitchen, brew my coffee and take it up… and by the time I’m back, the coffee is already in a perfect temperature to drink… but when I start working, it gets cold pretty quickly.

Yes, I know that a “cold coffee” is a first world problem…

That’s correct, but these are the tiny details that make your life just a little better. So yes, the $80 dollar mug makes my life nicer because now I get to enjoy my coffee for about 30 minutes or even more… and each sip is perfect.

Each sip is exactly as warm as the first one…

Really enjoying my “smart mug”… and now my wife wants one, too!

My wife was looking at me strangely when I bought it… but after 3 months of having it at home, she’s very often literally stealing it from me to enjoy her coffee more.

If you can afford this gadget and really appreciate a warm cup of coffee or tea, I really recommend the Ember mug.

No, I wasn’t paid to write this. I make my living helping teams get stuff done with Nozbe and not reviewing products but if you get this mug from Amazon, I’ll get a small commission that I will use to buy more audiobooks from Audible :-)

BTW, this is the review I watched on YouTube that convinced me to get the mug:

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