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Nozbe is launching Messages - chatting can be productive?


After years of back and forth with our customers and ourselves, we decided to change our opinion on it 180 degrees and add one-on-one chatting/messaging in Nozbe in such a way that it doesn’t impact productivity but makes Nozbe a perfect app for SMART business owners:

With Messages Nozbe becomes your team’s action and communication super app!

Here’s how we described it on the Nozbe blog:

Nozbe is a productivity app and its simple interface of projects, tasks and comments that works across all your devices, is very action-focused. We didn’t want to introduce additional distractions or promote spending time on chatting instead of getting the actual work. We realized, though, how cool it could be to have all of your team communication in one place. On any device. And so we figured out how to introduce Messages the Nozbe way.

Watch the video above and let me know how you like our new Nozbe feature!

Friday, July 5, 2024 /messages/