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Will a new 5,5” iPhone convert people to not only #iPadOnly, but more #iPhoneOnly?


I’m a big fan of working on iOS devices. I co-wrote a book about working ont the iPad and I’m actually writing this blog post on my iPad. I’ve gotten used to working on both the iPhone and the iPad - I really use these two “computers” all of the time. I carry my iPhone with me at all times… and my iPad most of the times. I hardly ever use my Mac. Now, tonight Apple will supposedly unvail two new iPhones. According to John Gruber, one will be 4.7” and the other 5.5” and the bigger one might have kinda iPad-like features. Will it mean people will use the iPhone even more for their every day computing?

Will a new 5,5” iPhone convert people to not only #iPadOnly, but more #iPhoneOnly?

I switched to using iPad and iPhone for most of my daily work tasks 2 years ago

Yes, the moment I got the 3rd generation iPad (with Retina display and 3G connection) I started migrating my work to the iPad. Started using my favorite apps and loved it. Later I upgraded to 4th gen iPad and now the iPad Air.

I’ve been hardly missing my PC anymore. I write all about it in my #iPadOnly book. However, recently I noticed I could get lots done on my iPhone as well. I’ve had all the generations of the iPhone, and my newest, iPhone 5s with the touch ID is really amazing. The screen is big (compared to the iPhone 4s) and the battery life is OK… and the touch ID is cool now that it works pretty reliably. Now, what happens if I get the iPhone 5.5”… is that I imagine using it even more for work. Here’s why:

Bigger screen - more content, better reading experience… but clunky?

Most of all - more content - better reading experience, better Nozbe app on the iPhone with lots of tasks at once to go through.

The only concern I have is that the phone might be just too big… you know… when you put it in your pocket it might feel like it’s just too cumbersome… especially that I like to have my iPhone as my wallet. I know I’ll have to see and feel it before I decide.

Bigger screen = better second screen for my iPad

In the #iPadOnly book I say that I use my iPhone as my second screen to my iPad. Now at 5.5 inches this would be a very nice second screen, don’t you think?

Bigger screen horizontal = more iPad-like features

This can get really exciting. In our new Nozbe app we’re already making the iPad’s vertical view different from its horizontal view. Horizontal will be more like the Mac desktop… and vertical will be more of a hybrid between the desktop and mobile… so with iPhone at 5.5 inches we might introduce a new hybrid mode for the horizontal iPhone… we’ll see about that but it really seams like a great idea.

Bigger iPhone = more people going mobile-first or mobile-only (#iPhoneonly?)

This is why last year we decided to rewrite Nozbe from scratch and make it a mobile-first app. You can check out the Nozbe beta now (it will be launched along the iOS8 launch). Now with the new iPhones people will be using our app more as a mobile app than a desktop app, so rewriting the whole thing made total sense. Now I really love my new Nozbe on my iPhone 5s… so imagine how I’m going to love it on my big-ass iPhone 6…

Now let’s see what Apple shows tonight…

If rumors are true, all of the above arguments make total sense for me and for lots of busy professionals. The new big and bigger iPhones will make people more productive and make them do more of their work on their iPhones. I’m so happy we’re ready with Nozbe for this upcoming mobile-first, or #iPhoneOnly world.

Question: Are you planning to upgrade your iPhone this year? Which iPhone will you get? The big or the bigger?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 /iphoneonly/