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iPhone 5 - why I love it but won’t take it just yet


Whenever an Apple event takes place, I prefer to stay out of the Apple-related blogs. I always wait to see the keynote myself and get surprised and dazzled by Apple magic. When the keynote went up on Apple web site I watched it and I must say I was amazed by the new iPhone 5… but I decided NOT to buy it yet (so I wasn’t standing in a line today as well). Here’s why:

iPhone 5 - why I love it but won’t take it just yet

Apple still has the mojo and I believe it’s still the best iPhone yet

Just like MG Siegler posted on Techcrunch, I agree that Apple still has the magic and iPhone is like Porsche 911, with each iteration it’s the same great device… just a little better. The new iPhone 5 features a better (and longer!) screen, it’s thinner, lighter, and twice as fast… it’s just better than any iPhone before… so why I’m NOT lining up to get one?

Reason 1. iPhone 4s is still an amazing phone and portable computer

There’s nothing wrong with my iPhone 4s. It’s fast (and definitely not sluggish), it looks great, works great and syncs well with my iPad to help me get my job done. I trust Gruber when he says the new iPhone is the nicest one ever but my iPhone 4s is also very nice and simply put, works. And I still love it.

Reason 2. The “amazing” Lightning connector

Yep, the connector. I know Apple had to do it, I know they needed to finally take the plunge and go the new connector route. It’s 2012 right? Well, I understand it… but I couldn’t care less for now. I own the first iPad, the newest iPad (which I use for my iPad only way, 3 iPod nanos and me and my wife own two iPhone 4s.

Lot’s of docks

We have three docks for music on each level of our house, we have lots of old iPod/iPhone cables we use for charging our devices, and I own lots of retractable cables (which I love and are great when I travel) to charge my iDevices. I just don’t want to use non-retractable cables anymore. I don’t want to walk around with a $29 “converter”. It’s bulky, ugly and expensive. And I’d need at least three of those ($100 bucks? seriously?) I don’t want to add more cables to my travel bag.

And did I say I really love retractable cables and I’m not using the original Apple cables at all?

I’m not saying Apple made a mistake with the new connector. It’s the moment to change it, for them, but not for me. Once I decide to switch to iPad 4 with new connector and buy my wife and myself new iPhones (5s?) I’ll take the plunge. For now, it’s too much of a hassle for me.

Reason 3. Minimalism and “hiring tools for the job to get done”

Sometimes it’s just good to get back to minimalism and use the tools we have at our disposal. My iPhone and iPad work great with the old connector and they work great overall. I’m very tempted to change but I it would be just for the sake of owning the latest thing.

I also know it’ll just add hassle to my life with the new dock connector, converters and all. And the speed bump might be noticable but it won’t increase my productivity much. I like my setup and my iPhone 4S and iPad which work together in harmony. And both will receive the latest iOS6 goodies (uhm, and the “improved” Maps app).

Maybe I’ll change my mind when the (rumored) iPad mini shows up. Or the new new new iPad next year. I don’t know. For now my setup works and my iPadonly crusade is on the right track. I’m not buying, at least until next year/month/week… :-)

I’m not buying an iPhone 5 definitely… maybe :-)

Are you switching to iPhone 5? What phone have you been using before?