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Essential iPad Pro accessories for an #iPadOnly life


As I do most of my work on the iPad (and wrote an #iPadOnly book all about it), people keep asking me a few questions every now and then: Can the iPad Pro be really used for work? or How should I set up my new iPad Pro? or Why switching to iPad might make sense for me? or Which apps do you use on your iPad Pro? or… Which iPad Pro accessories are most essential for you? - and that’s the question I’d like to answer with this short article:

Essential iPad Pro accessories for an #iPadOnly life

iPad Pro 10.5” with Smart Keyboard Cover

Over my years of testing iPads I’ve had several iPad keyboards - from Logitech to Zagg but what I really like about the default Apple’s Smart Keyboard Cover is the fact that it’s barely there - it’s very thin and doesn’t require charging or Bluetooth connection - and it’s with me all the time and just like a typical Smart Cover - protects my screen. And yes, I prefer the smaller iPad 10.5” over the big one.

Apple Pencil with pencil holder glued to the iPad

I love Apple Pencil and how it lets me just draw on the iPad without any friction or lag. It’s really cool. And with iOS11 the annotation functions are even better - I’ve switched to iOS11 “Files” app to store and markup my PDFs and “Notes” app to draw handwritten notes. I still use Evernote for all the other notes.

I have the Apple Pencil attached with Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop and thanks to this solution my Apple Pencil is always with me. The only downside is that when the pencil is so close to the iPad, it drains the battery quickly… and there’s no on/off switch on the pencil…

Messenger Bag with Powerbank and AirPods inside

I still use the same Messenger Bag which I bought when I was in Japan - you can see it in this video and I have a big Powerbank inside with a short 4-inch (10 cm) Lightning cable in case I run out of juice at some point during the day.

And yes, I have my AirPods with me at all times - they work with both my iPhone and iPad.

Need to know more about my iPad gadgets - this old video is still pretty much relevant

Question: Which gadgets do you use with your iPad or iPhone?

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