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Dad, let’s go to the “iPad store” please! (Or how our children embrace touch devices…)


Recently, I was on a week-long vacation in London. We spent a fantastic week in the Queen’s capital, we visited museums, parks, walked a lot. On the last day, we went to the Westfield shopping mall and as always, I ended up in the store of my “favorite fruit company.” And I was happily accompanied by my older daughter as they have a zone with iPads for kids to play there. Here’s why an Apple Store is a dad’s best friend:

Dad, let’s go to the “iPad store” please! (Or how our children embrace touch devices…)

While kids enjoy the iPads…

Kids get the iPads and Apple gets it. That’s why they have a dedicated place for kids with iPads loaded with latest games for them to play. My daughter loves discovering new games and she enjoys the iPad’s touch interface immensely.

…parents get to shop

While my daughter is playing, I can safely browse the store, check out latest accessories and learn more about other Apple devices (like I don’t know about already…) And keep talking myself out of finally getting that gorgeous iMac with Retina display… What a screen!

The future is “touchy-feely”

Watching my daughter I’m sure the future is mobile and it’s all about touch. Just look at the new iWatch (and the trackpad of the new Macbook.) Kids get touch interfaces. They understand the playfullness… so we adults should better embrace the future on the iPads and iPhones. Just like our kids do.

Question: Do your kids “get” the iPads and iPhones as well? Do they try to “touch” the screen of your TV set?

Saturday, March 14, 2015 /ipad-store/