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A short follow up to my last interview blog post to inspire you even more that anyone can achieve almost anything :-) A few months ago one of the productivity blogs posted an infographic of the top 10 productivity gurus on the Internet and I made it to number 4 on the list with the influence score of 66 right behind great folks like Tim Ferriss (score 86), David Allen (score 80) and Craig Jarrow (score 76).

I am number four

Although my ego felt really good about myself after this publication, one must not forget that this all only means I’m on the right track and I should keep on keepin’ on. That’s it, nothing more ;-)

Hope you follow the others from the list

This post is not about myself, but more about the company I’m privileged to be in. I totally recommend following these guys:

Who isn’t on the list and should be

Many of the interviewees of the Productive! Magazine were not included in the list (and they should have been…) like Michael Hyatt, Augusto Pinaud, Laura Stack, Graham Allcott, Jason Womack and many others… so just get the past issues of the magazine to learn all about them and what they are up to. They are the real gurus for me.

P.S. The title of the blog post is a pun (intended) to a movie I actually haven’t seen… :-)

Question: Who’s your guru? Why? Who inspires you regularly to really get it going?

Sunday, February 10, 2013 /iamnumberfour/