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Gadgets for a geek like me for 2020 Christmas Holiday season


It’s hard to satisfy a geek like me. I don’t like to buy many things and I’m very specific about stuff I want. And there are also gadgets that I need. Here’s the list of things I got on Black Friday or will be getting soon this holiday season (or will be telling my relatives to get for me). Hope it’s useful to you and inspires you to get something for yourself:

The 2020 iPhone is…

The iPhone cover?

The cables…

A geek needs lots of cables, so I recommend getting these:


Now that we’ve got new PD (Power Delivery) GaN chargers, it’s time to stock up:

There are also higher-Watt chargers like “Aukey Omnia” with 65W or even 100W, so make sure to check them out instead of getting the bulky Apple chargers.

Induction “wireless” chargers:

There’s the MagSafe Charger for the iPhone 12 for around $40 and the duo MagSafe Charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch for $120 but these are pretty expensive. Not getting them for now.

I like traditional Qi chargers. The cheap ones from IKEA - the Livboj model works surprisingly well!


I’m recording much: The Podcast, No Office FM and webinars so I like to have a good mic:

Other gadgets

Here are some other things on my list:

What’s on your list?

Gadgets for a geek like me for 2020 Christmas Holiday season

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