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15 years ago I stopped being friends with her… only to become her best friend ever as her husband


Today is an important milestone for me and my wife, here’s what I wrote on Instagram today: 15 years ago today these two people finally decided to put their long-term friendship at risk and became a couple - they got married 1.5 year later and now they’ve got 3 beautiful daughters and still love hanging out together, traveling, watching movies, just being around each other… - yep, and here’s our story in a nutshell:

15 years ago I stopped being friends with her… only to become her best friend ever as her husband

When Michael met Ewelina…

We both love movies, and “When Harry met Sally” is one of our favorites, because our story is very similar:

We met more than 20 years ago in high-school - the very first week - a common friend introduced us to each other. Throughout the school and university we were very good friends. We’d always stay in touch, sometimes more, sometimes less… but we always knew we had each other’s back.

We’d tell everyone that yes, a close friendship between a guy and a gal can exist and doesn’t have to end in a relationship!

Well, as we grew so did our friendship and affection and 15 years ago today, on Friday, 21 November 2003 we became a couple. Finally we figured out that in all these years we were not just becoming better friends, we were also falling for each other!

Our friendship makes our relationship real

We got married 1.5 years later and today we have 3 beautiful daughters and we’re still best friends!

We like doing things together, we love traveling, watching movies, doing sports, talking… and just hanging out together… and also spending time with our kids. We have much respect for our mutual careers and we support each other at work.

As in every relationship, there are ups and downs, problems, feelings… but because we’re not only lovers, but also best friends, I feel we can get through everything.

We’re an effective team.

I can have a bad day… or be in a bad mood… but I know that whatever happens, at the end of the day I get to spend time with my favorite person in the whole world.

Ewelina, thank you for sharing your life with me. Here’s to many more anniversaries like this!

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