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My template for doing a Weekly Review


Weekly review is one of the keys to a better productivity and better life. The term was coined by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done and the idea is to perform a regular, weekly review of your life. It’s a meeting we should schedule with ourselves to go through everything that happened last week, analyze it, learn from it, then clean up to plan and prepare for next week. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not that easy but today to make things easier for you I’ve prepared my definite template for a great weekly review:

My template for doing a Weekly Review

Weekly Review at

Weekly review is hard because we literally have to force oursevles to do it. We just don’t have the time, right? I’ve been struggling with it, I’ve been escaping to a cafe to do it. I’ve gone through different approaches and I explained why it’s important in the Step 8 of my 10-step Productivity Course. Before this template I published two simpler ones on #publicNozbe and on but the one I’m linking to today is my most definite one:

This is my Weekly Review in nutshell. In the template I give more details and a checklist for each of these points. Enjoy:

Get my Weekly Review Template at

Question: When do you do your weekly review? How often?

Bonus tip: some people do weekly reviews on Mondays, others on Fridays and some on the weekends. I used to be a Monday kind of guy but after we’ve introduced a TGIF policy, I’ve switched to Fridays. Today is Friday and as I’m writing this I’m in the middle of my weekly review :-)

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