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Guest on Copy Robin - Hybrid or Remote Work?

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I was invited by Copy Robin to talk to them about No Office work and we discussed the topics of hybrid vs remote. Check out their article and below I’m pasting some highlights. More info ℹ️

Guest on Copy Robin - Hybrid or Remote Work?

Highlights on Hybrid vs Remote Work

On hiring my first programmer and locations of our Nozbe team members:

“He was simply the best. I want to hire people based on their knowledge and skills, not based on location,” says Michal, “We now have 20 employees. Our chief of customer support is located in Germany, and two others from the same department live in Taiwan and Spain.”

On people living where they want:

“People can live where they want, with the lifestyle of their choice. If you normally live in a village far away, you may not qualify for a high-profile job. With remote working, this is not an issue. You no longer have to adapt to your job; your job adapts to you.”

On loneliness and being in touch with people:

Loneliness does not have to be an issue when one of your people has a problem. “I call everyone personally on a regular basis. Just to see how things are going. As a leader, you have to serve your employees, not the other way around. The question that best reflects that is ‘How can I help?’”

On defaulting to transparency:

Team meetings at Nozbe are short and informal. Socialising is important. Michal also forces himself to be completely transparent within Nozbe. “That sometimes feels uncomfortable, but in the end, it creates ownership among people. Within the Nozbe tool, you now have standard access to all projects as an employee. Some of those, you have nothing to do with, but it’s good that you can access the information.”

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