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Living consciously. In the moment. Essentially now.


I’m on a short holiday with my family and friends now and I’m enjoying these moments of tranquility. I have time to enjoy my friends and play with my children. To read a physical book (instead of listening to an audiobook). To reflect on things. On life. And I did manage to read a very interesting book which lead me to reflect on “living in a moment”:

Living consciously. In the moment. Essentially now.

I read “Chasing Daylight” - which I will review soon on this blog. The clue of the book is to stop multitasking and start enjoying moments. Perfect moments. Start living consciously.

This all sounds easy but it’s not. The ideas from this book come perfectly timed for me as I’m turning more to essentialism, trying to find ways to focus on what really matters and finally having some days of clarity.

Less is more. And with success comes great responsibility. And now I think I’m finally getting to what, why and how I should be doing what I’m really to do on this life. And the “how” part is really important here. And it’s still hard to figure this all out even when I love what I do.

I’m rumbling. I’m just going to leave it like this and get back to my friends and have another “perfect moment” with them by giving them my whole and undivided attention and by just purely enjoying their company.

Question: how do you achieve living consciously?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 /conscious/