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A decade later - 5 apps which are still on my iPad and rocking it!


More than 10 years ago I switched completely to using the iPad as my main computer and I posted a series of screenshots of apps I was using then. Heck, I dedicated an entire section of my #iPadOnly book to apps from that era. What strikes me now is that after a decade, there are still many apps that not only have stayed on my iPad but continue thriving on it. And most are authored by indie developers. Here’s my tribute to them:

A decade later - 5 apps which are still on my iPad and rocking it!

Reeder is still my RSS reader and now my read-later app…

I keep subscribing to blogs using RSS. I’m old-school this way. And today’s Reeder 5 is still on both my iPad and iPhone. What’s more, it’s not only my RSS reader, but it’s also my “read-later” app. I even subscribe to YouTube channels using RSS. I still can’t believe that after 10 years this app is still my favorite for the purpose of reading and subscribing to content on iOS.

Author: Silvio Rizzi

iA Writer is still my writing app…

This is crazy. I’m writing this in Writer. I’m journaling with Writer and I’ve been using Writer for all these years! After more than a decade, Writer is still the best Markdown editor on the market. It’s amazing how good it’s become. Here’s to 10 years or more!

Author: Information Architects

Textastic is still my coding app…

Even though there’s a new app in town (Runestone), Textastic is still my go-to IDE on the iPad. I love it and I still code in it. And the way it supports both the STFP and GitHub protocols (through Files integration with Working Copy) just works for me and makes programming tasks on the iPad a breeze.

Author: Alexander Blach

iThoughts is still my mind mapping app…

Even though I’ve been switching between this app and MindNode over the years, I still keep coming back to iThoughts as my go-to mind mapping app. What a run!

Author: Craig Scott

Nozbe still helps me manage my company and time (duh!)…

OK, so I’m biased here as my fifth and most notable mention goes to my very own Nozbe. After all, I first fell in love with the form-factor of the iPad and then I switched to being #iPadOnly because I wanted my developers to keep pushing the development of Nozbe on the iPad and other mobile platforms.

The result is that the new Nozbe is a great mobile app on both iPad, iPhone and the Android. It’s not a “companion” app to the desktop version. You have the whole power of Nozbe on mobile.

P.S. Apps by big companies that have been there 10 years ago and are still there on my iPad.

A decade later - 5 apps which are still on my iPad and rocking it! - big company apps

As a bonus, I’d like to mention a few apps that I also had installed on my iPad 10 years ago and are still here, yet they come from bigger companies:

10 years - what a run!

I’m still happy that independent developers can still be able to keep improving their apps 10 years in! And I’m not using these apps on my iPad because of nostalgia. These apps are still the best in their categories to get stuff done on the iPad and make using iPad a joy for me every single day.

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