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3 Things I love about the Apple Watch: communication, fitness & dashboard

⌚️Apple Watch

On Wednesday we’ll be publishing the latest episode of The Podcast where we’ll also talk about Apple Watch and I was trying to convince myself and my co-host that it really is a compelling device to own and use. And not just a cool gadget. Now that I thought about it more I’d boil it down to three reasons why after almost half a year I love my Apple Watch:

3 Things I love about the Apple Watch: communication, fitness & dashboard

Communication - talking to wrist and sending emojis

Yes, I can leave my phone in my pocket and still receive calls and reply to messages quickly. This also creates a new dynamic when in the afternoons I tend to leave my iPhone on my desk when I’m playing with kids. If an important call or message pops up, I’ll know. And if not, I’m busy looking at my kids and not my phone.

Fitness - circles, sleeping and a wrist alarm clock

The Apple Watch really forces you to stand up regularly. To be more active and fill out the circles… And now I discovered I can actually sleep with the watch on my wrist and it’ll wake me up silently with a vibration on a wrist. Not waking up my wife in the process. And it can measure my sleep quality, too. This thing really motivates me to be in shape.

Dashboard - glancing on the wrist to know it all

Just looking at my wrist I know what’s the weather like, my notifications, where I am with my fitness status, what’s the time here and in Nee York, and how far I’m behind in my productivity (just look at the photo above - it’s our latest Nozbe glance coming soon, also comes with a new complication - this was my situation after I came back from my vacation).

So yes, my watch is a dashboard on my wrist and as a CEO I like dashboards :-)

Monday, November 9, 2015 /applewatch-3/