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AirPodsPro 2 and three extra ways to charge them!


In the end, against my earlier advice I decided to upgrade my trusty three-year-old AirPods Pro to the new model - AirPods Pro 2. For once, some people I trust confirmed this was a worthy upgrade. Secondly, my current AirPods Pro hold only 2 hours of charge after three years of almost daily service. Thirdly, if I use something as much as these every single day, I can completely justify an upgrade after three years, hopefully having them in service for the next three years! Now, apart from the headphones being better, the biggest upgrade is the case. Not only that it has a speaker now which makes it easier to find, but mostly because I can now use virtually any charger to charge it - thanks to the magnets, I can use the MagSafe puck to charge it:

AirPodsPro 2 and three extra ways to charge them!

How about the Apple Watch charger?

Yes, they also work with an Apple Watch charger beautifully:

AirPodsPro 2 and three extra ways to charge them! 2

And as previous ones, with any inductive charger

Third way is the old way - with any wireless charger you have lying around:

AirPodsPro 2 and three extra ways to charge them! 3

And there’s always a “lightning” cable option…

Apart from these three “wireless” options, there’s always the old-school cable charging option. However, Apple should have known better and they should have changed it from Lightning to USB-C.

Anyway, I love these new headphones and the versatility of charging options I have now in a case I that will not be lost as often as the previous one.

It’s totally worth upgrading devices you use a lot!

Remember, if there’s a device you’re using very often, daily even, think about upgrading it from once in a while. Because when you do, you will feel the difference and the improvements immediately. Like, the next day. It’s sooooo worth it!

P.S. My engraving this time is the address of this blog!

Last time I mentioned that it’s worth getting the engraving as your email address so that people can contact you when they find the AirPods. Now I changed to the address of my personal blog because also here people can contact me and the blog address just looks cool, don’t you think?

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 /airpodspro/