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AirPods Pro - why I carry them always in my pocket?


When the AirPods Pro launched two years ago, I immediately got them and never looked back. I carry them with me everywhere. I love the noise canceling (NC), the transparency mode (where you can hear everything around you) and the fact that they’re so small and so compact that you can just have them on yourself and start listening through them anytime. Apple now launched the second generation - below is my short review and a few tips if you’re planning to get them:

AirPods Pro - why I carry them always in my pocket?

AirPods 1 vs AirPods 2 - is it worth the upgrade?

I tested my friend’s AirPods 2 and compared to mine and if your generation 1 AirPods Pro are working great, keep using them. I’m planning to stick with mine. Contrary to Apple’s marketing claims, the NC and the sound is not much different. At least I couldn’t hear it.

Oh, and now you can adjust volume on the AirPods. I was using the Apple Watch for that.

AirPods 2 case is a big upgrade!

I like the case though. It’s so much better than gen 1 because the case has a speaker! It’s a big deal, because now when you’re searching for the lost AirPods Pro somewhere in the house (and you will, trust me!) the case will make a sound so it’ll be easier to find!

Also there’s a way to attach the case to things through the lanyard loop, which is a welcome change.

What to engrave on the case? Your email!

I suggest when you order your AirPods Pro via Apple online store, you get a free engraving and you just put your email address there. This way when people find it, they’ll have a chance to contact you and them back to you. This also identifies your AirPods Pro from other ones in your family (my wife and my mom both have a pair!).

AirPods Pro - why I carry them always in my pocket? - email

When I leave house, I make sure I have my iPhone in my right pocket and my AirPods Pro in my left pocket!

This way I can listen to the music or podcasts or audiobooks anytime when I’m out and about. Especially when I’m shopping and don’t want to be disturbed, putting these on is just glorious.

Devil’s Advocate: MKBHD says they’re a significant upgrade!

After I wrote my short review, I saw this video by Marques and he’s convincing everyone that they in fact sound much better. Also one of my Twitter followers reports it.

I just checked and my AirPods Pro are almost 3 years old (bought them on Nov 4, 2019!) and I use them every single day. Maybe I should get the new ones?

P.S. Update - I got the new ones a month later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 /airpods/