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Blast from the past - the “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” Video Course back from 2013 ahead of my book launch!


I’m about to self-publish a book inspired by my “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” video course which I recorded back in 2013. Basically what I did with the book was to enhance the script of the video course, adapt it to the year 2018 and publish it as a physical book which you can hold in your hand.

The book is launching soon so I wanted to publish this blog post with all the links to the video course in case you wanted to enjoy it before the book ships. Here’s the video introduction to the course:

Each lesson is short and to the point, so if you want to watch lesson 1 and the following lessons, just go to:

Alternatively you can just listen to the audio version:

I recorded the course in 5 languages!

Yep, I love learning different languages and communicating in them, so I recorded the video course not only in English, but also in:

Import the course to your Nozbe as a project:

There’s an easy way to go through the course and get each lesson done by using a template and import it to your account as a project:

With subtitles:

Enjoy the course!

The course lessons might have been recorded over 5 years ago, but the course is timeless, it’s free and very soon you’ll see what a great productivity) book I managed to write based on it :-)

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