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Cookie-free YouTube watcher

To watch any video, paste a YouTube link. Works with,, or just the bare unique YouTube video ID.

Share any YouTube video on iOS easily

Get the “Cookie-free YouTube” Shortcut for iOS

This iOS/Mac Shortcut helps you to “share” any YouTube link to this page.

Bonus 1: Just add a URL as a parameter

This page has a special yt parameter, so add the YouTube link at the end of it or the 11-character YouTube video ID:

Bonus 2: Change YOUTU.BE to XOUTU.BE

That’s right. I bought a domain which redirects to here. So if you’ve got a short video URL, you can just switch y for x and you’re done!


I hope Google will not sue me for ordering a similar domain. It’s for a good cause!

Why this page?

I created this because the experience of watching video on YouTube got worse. They show pop-ups, they track you and they tempt you to bindge-watch by suggesting lots of videos on the side.

This page solves most of these problems. It lets you embed any YouTube video (that has not been disabled for embedding) and watch it without being tracked (it uses the nocookie parameter), with full screen and picture-in-picture support on iPads. As a bonus, it somehow skips most YouTube ads.

Read more about this page and share with your friends! Thanks!