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Why Japanese people are so productive


If you think about it, most of the brands we know in high-tech (and cars) come from Japan (Sony, Fujitsu, Nikon, Panasonic& Toyota, Nissan, Mazda&). It’s all thanks to their working ethics& and the way they diligently learn new things.

Why Japanese people are so productive

Japanese people study productivity

Being here in Japan has opened my eyes - people here really take productivity seriously. They study it. They test newest technologies and apps and approach their productivity and efficiency very thoroughly.

Japanese bloggers go the extra mile

It’s amazing how many productivity bloggers are here in Japan and how much they share - their posts are amazing with all the practical screenshots, walkthroughs and demos.

They don’t stop there. Many of them (like my friend @Zonostyle) write e-books, published books and tutorials dedicated to many apps and new things they discovered.

And there’s more - they organize workshops (every week there are events in Tokyo) that help them share the information and learn from each other. I’m right now sitting on one of these workshops, organized by my friends: Etsuo Ohashi, Sasaki Shogo and Keizo Kurazono… and the content they share is really amazing.

The house is full and the folks in the audience are totally engaged, take notes, ask questions, share their experiences and learn new things.

Any other country like this?

There are also productivity bloggers in the USA, a country that brought us Apple, GM, IBM, Microsoft and other companies& and in Europe? Well, I’m European and I have to say it’s really hard to find productivity bloggers in our local countries there. Productivity blogs have hard time getting traction, finding loyal leaders& and thus have hard time going the extra mile.

Whenever I’m here in Japan I always repeat to my European friends - we still have a lot to learn from the Japanese! I’m so happy to be here again and have these great friends& and every time I’m learning so much from them!