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What’s inside of Productive! Magazine #12 with Jason Womack? Great articles!


Yesterday we launched the new Productive! Magazine #12 with Jason Womack and today let me go through the Table of Contents:

What’s inside of Productive! Magazine #12 with Jason Womack? Great articles!

1. My interview with Jason Womack where we explore how your best can get better!

“People who are the best continually go back for rea€“education, they go back for training, they go back for coaching…“

€œif you work on your weaknesses you might be an all around good tennis player but you wona€™t be dangerous, unless you work on your strengths€.

€œI dona€’t need to change and be a positive thinker but I do need to practice positive focus.

2. Stephen Smith talks about his “Inbox Zero” setup

“You may want to reconsider all of the alerts and notifications that you are subscribed to.”

“If the email is about something that you do not need to act on - then file it, archive it or delete it.”

3. Jasmine Grimm (new contributor!) explains how she gets stuff done without a smartphone

“It’€™s not like getting rid of the smart phone magically eliminated my e-mail, my phone and my sense of responsibility. Quite the contrary, it caused me to respect it more.”

“It made me more organized because I wasna€™t constantly being interrupted”

4. Laura Stack explains how to create your perfect “Babysitting” system for working with others

“If a project needs approval to proceed, and you don’t have it, then find yourself at someone else’s mercy.”

“Always make sure that the lines of communication remain wide open between you and the other person.”

5. Michael Hyatt proves that everyone may feel overwhelmed at times, but we can do something about it!

“You must know which things you can safely ignore and which things demand your intervention.”

“Practice workload triage. On the battlefield, medics have to decide where to apply their limited resources.”

6. I’m sharing a productivity-boosting discovery I made when I started splitting the day in two parts

“By dividing my time to morning time and afternoon time I can focus to create and set strategy from my company in the morning.”

“I try to get my three main rocks (three most important tasks for the day) done by noon.”

7. Graham Allcott shares his most recent productivity rules

“I go to the office not to do my work, but to help the team do theirs.”

“Everything we do, everything we consume, everything we own, everything we commit to, everything we put our attention on all takes us away from something else.”

8. Productivity Shows I link to: Standing Desk, Paper Pad and full Jason Womack Interview

9. Leo Babauta says you can walk away from everything. You really can!

“Those who are convinced they need to make the deal are in the weakest position.”

“You dona€™t need to walk away from everything, but you should know that you can.”

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