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Jason Fried in the Productive! Magazine #8


Yesterday we published Productive! Magazine #8 and this one is with my software/business guru - Jason Fried of 37signals

Jason Fried in the Productive! Magazine #8

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If you missed my video interview with Jason, make sure to check it out .

On design:

“I don’t have a background in design… I studied business, but always loved design”

On making software:

“I’m more like an editor - when I set someone on a right track - they write something, they design something, I look at it, tweak it, to make sure it’s good, to make it better… and then we launch it”

On typical day:

“the thing that is typical for me is an inbox that has about 130 emails every day…”

On business:

“you really have to be careful, especially when you love your business. You can love people and you can love the business… and then you’re in love with two things”


“If you have a bookshelf, you have to fill it with books. If you have a Getting-Things-Done-like system, you have to fill it with tasks - so sometimes you create more work for yourself than you actually need.”

On his book - Rework:

“We didn’t set out to write a book, we set out to share… and then over 10 years of sharing we looked back and saw that hey, we have a book here”

On building great things:

“To create something great, you have to cut it in half… keep shortening it… and really figure out what really needs to be there”

On his role in 37signals:

“I want to build the team a little bit more, I want to continue to learn, I want the team to get better - for me it’s really great to see everyone getting better all of the time…”

Apart from my interview with Jason there are also some really cool articles that hopefully will inspire you to get things done!

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