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Trust is better than control and… performance!


On our Nozbe page about trust I write that control is better than trust should be inverted to: control is good, but trust to do the work is so much better. However, it’s also about performance. As Simon Sinek points out in the video below, we all want to have people on our team who are both great performers and trustworthy, but when push comes to shove… teams choose trust over performance:

I’ve seen both extremes and I choose trust!

I’ve had a superstar developer join our team many years back and already in his three-month trial period I understood that he was an asshole so I told him we won’t be able to work together.

Of course, even if you trust someone 100% but they’re really poor doing their work, you don’t want them on your team anyway. However, in most cases I’ve found out that people you trust are not only good, but the fact that you trust them also motivates them to get better, to improve, to learn. You basically trust them not only to do great work but to learn where they don’t have the skills yet.

Trust is key.

And working in a trustworthy environment is joy!

Here’s why we belive that trust is the foundation of great team productivity at Nozbe

P.S. Listen to Simon Sinek’s podcast: “A Little Bit of Optimism”

I encourage you not only to read Simon Sinek’s books, but also subscribe to his podcast. It’s brilliant.

Friday, December 9, 2022 /trust-sinek/