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Free trials are a waste of everyone’s time


Today I’m offering a very controversial take on trials. Industry standard is to offer them… but at Nozbe we just stopped doing that 🛑. We’ve found out that trials are ineffective so so let’s do something different:

Free trials are a waste of everyone’s time

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⚖️ Free creates imbalance between the user and the service

Nothing is free. When we offered trials, we set them up, we took time to monitor them, offered assistance and guidance. Yet, many of our trial users didn’t even bother logging in more than once, because…

0️⃣ When you got it for nothing, you ain’t gonna try it

Our customers are extremely busy! When they got the free trial, they’d postpone using it. Since it was free, they didn’t feel the urgency to give it a serious try. There was always something else going on…

📈 Change is hard - you have to have skin in the game

Nozbe changes the way you work. Instead of post-it notes, you have tasks and projects. Instead of emails, you have comments to tasks. To change these old unproductive habits, we need you to really give it a shot!

🤝 Pay for the first month and get value and assistance

Now, when you want to try unlimited Nozbe, you need to pay for the first month. We then help you out, schedule a demo meeting with you or your team. And since you paid, you’re gonna be more motivated to really use it.

🔐 We still offer money-back guarantee

If after a month we’re not a match and you don’t like Nozbe for some reason, we’ll give you the money back. No questions asked. So still there’s no risk. Just the initial investment to give it a shot at better productivity.

🤗 When both sides are invested, you create trust

This way both parties are motivated. You paid, so you want to make it work and we really want to help you succeed. We have your and your business’ best interest at heart to align Nozbe with your needs.

🗓️ When it works out, only then we give something extra

When after a month things are looking great, you get an extra month free of charge so that you can really get the ball rolling. After that you become a happy paying customer and start feeling productivity benefits.

🆓 Free month instead of a trial!

That’s how we’re calling our new policy - free month instead of a trial. You pay for your first month and if it doesn’t work out, you get the money back. If it does, we give you another month extra! There is no risk and everybody wins!

🚀 Controversial? Yes! Fair? You bet!

Take us up on our offer and start improving your and your team’s productivity today by scheduling a demo and getting the first month of Nozbe today:

📺 Here’s me explaining this policy in a little over a minute:

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