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The Little Big Things by Tom Peters - Audiobook of the week


I haven’t read the “Excellence” book by Tom Peters but this one is very very cool. If you want to build a great and excellence-striving company, this one is for you. Let me tell you why.

The Little Big Things by Tom Peters - Audiobook of the week

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“The devil lies in the details”

This age-old saying kept on popping in my head when I was reading (aka “listening to”) this book. It’s all about the details. The very first example quoted by Tom in his book reminded me about the fact that even in my favorite gas station chain, which almost always delivers great service, when the toilets are dirty, the overall impression is bad.

It’s all about the little things

Little things make huge impact. Apple cares about the little things - this is why their packaging is so fantastic and there are so many unboxing videos of Apple’s products. Heck, I even made mine, too.

Time to correct these little things as soon as possible.

In September at Nozbe we’ve introduced a “Feature of the Week” and we’ve found at least 30 small things in Nozbe we could improve every week to make it a way better app than it is right now. Some of the improvements are fundamental (we’re introducing new way of choosing options soon) and some are subtle. But they’ll make great difference and the fact of improving at least a tiny bit of user experience is pure fun. And it is good for business, too :-)

Take a look around

Just have a look around your business. Check what can be corrected now to make a lasting impact. You’ll be surprised. It’s incredible how little things impact our lives. And for an inspiration and practical examples read Tom Peters’ book. It’s definitely worth it.

Which little things have you improved/changed lately?