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TEDx event - passion is all around us… and so the feeling grows


Last Friday I went to a local TEDx event. “X” stands for the independent TED event, and if you don’t know what TED is, check out their web site and watch some cool and inspiring videos of some global leaders talking about their passions. The event lasted an entire day… and it was a blast!

TEDx event - passion is all around us… and so the feeling grows

Great way to spend a day

I was very skeptical about the event. If you watch TED videos, the presentations there are almost always top-notch and it was hard for me not to have high expectations for our local TED event… and on the other hand doubt that for an entire day of speakers, not everyone will be that great.

Passion was all around us…

My high expectations were met. Of course there were better and a little “less good” speakers, but overall everyone was prepared and was talking about their passion, their ideas and global as well as local problems and issues. For a guy who’s mainly going to tech-only conferences, it was a refreshing change.

Passion is infectious

It really is. My GTD notetaker wallet was full of notes after the whole day. The passion coming from speakers resulted in my brain working overtime… I could relate what they were saying to my work, my ideas, my industry… I had new ideas attacking me from all over the place… It was exhausting… and inspiring. And I learned a lot about stuff I normally knew nothing about.

Can’t wait for next TEDx event

When the next event is coming, I’m definitely attending. It’s worth it. Processing all of my notes from this event took me more than two hours… and I’m normally processing my inbox really quickly. The videos from this event are online now, so I can refer to them again. Cool.

**Question: **Have you ever been to a TEDx event? Or better yet, a TED event? Did you feel inspired?