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My main competitor: non-consumption. That’s why I want to teach productivity rather than just sell Nozbe


Just a little over a month ago I was on the plane from my home town to my parents’ place. I was reading Jeff Walker’s Launch book after having seen his and Michael Hyatt’s videos on launching new products. I’m not launching anything new. I still run Nozbe but for many people who don’t know my product, it is actually new to them. And the whole world of productivity is new to them. They just need to get organized. And on that plane ride I came up with an idea how to make this happen:

My main competitor: non-consumption. That’s why I want to teach productivity rather than just sell Nozbe

I developed the How to create your perfect digital productivity system course where in 3 videos I take someone from not having a system to having something that works and helps them get more stuff done.

I’ve always been about teaching people productivity.

That’s why I prepared the 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course. That’s why I’m the editor of the Productive! Magazine. That’s why I’m recording Productive! Show. When you think about it I’ve always been teaching productivity…

So why this new course is different?

Because this time it’s a mixture of great know-how with practical exercises presented as screencasts done in my productivity app. This time people can just follow along and get from “zero to hero” in no-time. Here’s the intro:

I’m closing this course today at midnight PDT and I’ll study the results and feedback I’ve gotten from my course participants. I want to know if this really makes sense and if I should improve this course in any way before I decide to offer it again.

Task/Project management space is a crowded market but I believe my main competitor is not another to-do app, but traditional post-it notes, paper calendar and email. Old habits die hard. And with this course I’m trying to change them.

Please sign up and let me know your thoughts if the course does the job well in the comments below.

Question: Do you think I’m doing the right thing teaching everything I know about productivity?

PS: As a bonus here’s a video of Jason Fried, one of my business mentors, talking about out-teaching vs out-selling competition:

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