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Why my Nozbe team has the highest priority… and how I want to serve you better with this site


I’ve been busy with Nozbe these days. We launched version 2.0 of our suite of productivity apps and we’re about to launch a nice additional surprise for our customers in November… so I couldn’t get to do some of the additional stuff should have done. Like updating this web site. Like being in touch with people…. but to be honest, my team and my product and my customers have the highest priority. Here’s why:

Why my Nozbe team has the highest priority… and how I want to serve you better with this site

Nozbe is our best work

Working on Nozbe together with my team is where I have the most impact. Every single day thousands upon thousands of people, teams and companies get things done with our apps on their iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android, Windows or even Linux machines.

This is really amazing. People from all over the world plan their days with our tool. Their productivity depends on how we design this tool. Everything we do that can improve their experience running Nozbe to get things done is important. Every minor tweak counts… and a major version like the 2.0 we just shipped counts even more.

Our customers depend on us. And my team depends on me.

But there’s more:

Working on Nozbe is the most rewarding work for me

Yes, I believe that at least for now, this is where I should be spending most of my time. This is what I love doing and this is what I need doing. It gets even better… we’ve got so many ideas how to make Nozbe so much better! Even after almost 8 years of running it, I’m more excited than ever. As mentioned, we’ve got great surprises for our customers for this year still… and beyond. Next year we’re planning to take Nozbe to a whole new level.

That’s why my Nozbe team needs me to lead them there. They’re making great things happen and my job is to enable them to shine. Just see the version 2.0 - it’s a big leap for us. And our customers benefit from all this :-)

I hope now you can see why I prioritize Nozbe above all.

However, I should be able to communicate with the outside world :-)

This is why I just updated this web site. I extended my about page and explained how to contact me, added a speaking page, a page about my books and for the first-timers here, added a “top posts” page.

Now, I did all this to be able to serve you - my followers and readers better. Again, Nozbe is my priority but I also want to be of service to everyone following me, reading this blog, commenting here or on my social media posts.

This is why I stopped being so religious about my inbox Zero.

I’ve put up the “Contact” page to explain how you can get in touch with me. My assistant handles my email and thanks to her, almost everyone who writes to me gets a prompt response and is being taken care of. Sometimes I do need to write back personally and I do… but very often it takes a few days as I do it usually in bulk one day of the week.

I’ll blog about my assistant in the future. I can’t imagine my life without her now :-)

Some companies want to hire me to speak.

Yes, I’ve been speaking before and I love to speak. A direct contact with a live audience is amazing. I still like to do that, but because Nozbe is my priority, I only accept a few requests per year and I charge a substantial fee. But if you can afford an inspirational speech on passionate productivity - check out my speaking offer.

I’ve written two books and I’m writing a third one

I’ve written my university thesis on teleworking and I’ve been running my remotely-managed company for more than a decade now. And we’re growing and getting better at it. And we’re managing our entire business with Nozbe - and I’ve been asked numerous times to write more about it. Especially from a productivity guy’s perspective. To share my best tips and tricks.

I’ve given it lots of thought and I believe this book will also benefit my customers. There’s a big overlap here. And it’s something I’m passionate about. So it’s happening. My plan is to blog parts of this book here and ask for your feedback and opinion. Stay tuned.

And if you want to learn more about me and what got me here, get my free book: “It’s all about passion!”.

And if you’re curious how I get my work done mostly on my iPad? Get my #iPadOnly book. Second edition is going to be a free update and it’s coming in November.

Nozbe comes first. This site helps me do the second thing better - to serve you well!

Question: Do you like the new site? What do you absolutely want me to write about?

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