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Seth Godin in Productive! Magazine #10


This week we launched our inaugural 10th issue of the Productive! Magazine. It took us almost three years to publish 10 issues of the magazine but it’s gaining traction and most of all - our readers love it and our contributors keep delivering fantastic content. **Get our latest issue (free PDF)** and make sure to check out all the past issues.

Seth Godin in Productive! Magazine #10

Being an editor-in-chief of a global magazine is not just my most favorite hobby in the world, it’s also a great job - I get to talk to guys like Seth and other thought-leaders of our times (just check our past issues) but I get to interact with the best of the best authors and gurus who breathe productivity in their daily lives. I’ve made many great friends this way.

As always in life - passion is the key

I know it sounds cliche, but just read Seth’s interview - he says the very same thing - passion is what inspires people and what really enables you to be productive and get things done. My passion for this project moved it forward and my editors’, contributors’, interviewees’ passion kept it alive and kept us all going and now we’re getting ready to publish issue #11 and #12 in the near future.

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Amazing articles in this issue:

Seth Godin in Productive! Magazine #10

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Enjoy a little passion from the Productive! Magazine and get inspired this weekend. Please let me know what you think!