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Review of 37signals’ cookbook called REWORK - getting business done


Today I read the new book by 37signals founders, David and Jason, called “Rework” and I’d like to share some thoughts on this mind-blowing book:

Review of 37signals’ cookbook called REWORK - getting business done

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I’m a big fan of Jason and David

First off, I’m a big fan of 37signals and a regular reader to their blog “Signal vs Noise”. I’ve been following them for more than 4 years now. They actually inspired me to build Nozbe which initially was nicknamed by some as “Backpack for GTD”.

For everyone who’s followed 37signals - the book’s core messages are known to me

As I mentioned, following the guys for so many years now, reading their blogs, listening to their podcast and watching their presentations on Youtube, the book has no new message for me. I’ve come to know their philosophy of doing business and I mostly share their ideas. If you haven’t followed their path, you should. Follow them and get the book.

The new stuff - more real-life examples

For me the real cool stuff are the examples they are quoting. They actually did their homework and added more real-life examples of other companies sharing their visions and ideas. This is really cool and makes their points come across better.

Having entire 37signals approach to business in one book - great :-)

I wrote I knew their approach and shared it. I know it, because I’ve been following them for years, but now I have all of their business ideas in one place. In one book. That’s a good thing to have. I’ve spent a few bucks on the audio version and I’ll be buying the print one, too. Having all of this great business wisdom in one place is very very useful. And 37signals like “useful” :-)

This book is their cookbook - time for mine

Jason said he liked looking at great chefs releasing their cookbooks and they say Rework is their cookbook. I guess it’s true. It feels like one. And a very good one at that. One of the best business book around.

Now it’s time for my cookbook. I’ve been running Nozbe for three years now, I’ve been growing my company, my revenues and been making lots of mistakes (and successes) along the way and learning a lot from them. It’s time for my cookbook which will be a lot different from Rework, but also share a similar approach. I’ll focus more on productivity, tele-working and other aspects of running a startup. Stay tuned.

Question: Did you get your copy of Rework? Get it, tell me what you think about it. I’m loving it. Very inspiring.