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Nozbe Teams launches today on Product Hunt!


Today is a big day for Nozbe Teams - our new to-do app for modern teams, as we’re launching on Product Hunt, to spread the word about a better way of working together, more efficient teamwork and most of all, task-based communication. And we’ve got a new promo video to boot!

Go to Nozbe Teams on Product Hunt

Launching on Product Hunt can be a big deal

With Nozbe Teams we want to reach a new type of customer than the ones we have for Nozbe Personal. We want to help teams that feel overwhelmed and are working in stress and chaos, but don’t realize they need a tool like Nozbe Teams that would help them organize internal projects and whole team-centric communication better. With Product Hunt launch we’re hoping to get to people who’ve never heard about me or Nozbe.

Here are the main benefits of Nozbe Teams which I outlined on our Product Hunt page:

📩 The Incoming view for all tasks that need your attention. Now you know where to start and what to do next. 🤝 Team-first approach, projects are accessible to the team right away and the work is more transparent and actionable 🏓 Asynchronous communication with the playful feel of a chat. Add comments and attachments to tasks and react ❤️ to comments, just like in any messaging app. But without bugging anyone. 📱Mobile-first design - Nozbe Team’s Android, iPad and iPhone apps are as powerful as the desktop web app and they work offline and sync in background, after all, I’m famous for being #iPadOnly, so it had to be this way! ✅ The fastest way to DONE. Ever since I launched Nozbe, I was all about getting things done, and now with Nozbe Teams we help you all get stuff done, together. 🆓 Did I mention that Nozbe Teams is free? You can use it at no cost and with no credit card up to 5 users and 5 projects.

Check it out and please help me spread the word!

New video by our new videographer

Just recently we hired Marco, a new videographer who’s been helping us do better videos that would show off what Nozbe and Nozbe Teams are all about. You’ll see more of his work in my upcoming vlogs and other videos - just subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This new promo video Marco did for us is very cool. It’s short, punchy, playful… and very original. You can watch it above or just go to our Product Hunt page, watch it there and share with others, if you like it.

Help us spread the word, we’ve never done a Product Hunt launch before!

This is our first launch on Product Hunt. Please help us spread the word, thank you! 🙏

Nozbe Teams launches today on Product Hunt!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 /producthunt/