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The big “why” of pricing a product or service - Team Productivity Show #11


Pricing is an art. It’s not just slapping a number on a service or product. Pricing conveys what the product stands for. It shows the positioning and the value of what you’re offering and conveys the kind of relationship you want to build with your customers. Here’s me explaining in detail the pricing of Nozbe Teams and why we believe that our prices must be: Affordable, Predictable and Transparent.

The principles of Nozbe Teams pricing

In our case, we want to:

Help small teams do great things!

So our pricing must be:


This means we start with the best price: FREE. Nozbe Teams is free with no time restrictions for up to 5 active projects and 5 people on the team.

Our Premium plan gives unlimited everything and all the features. No nickel-and-diming.

It starts with $19 per month for up to 3 people and unlimited projects.

Pricing per user goes down with each tier. When you’re on a 10 person plan, it’s only $4.90 per user per month!


Same price per month. It doesn’t change.

Even if you pay in GBP or EUR, it’s still the same 19 per month. You don’t have to be worried about currency exchange. We take this risk on ourselves.

Switching from one plan to another is cashless. So when you switch from 3 to 5 user plan, we automatically re-calculate the next renewal date. You don’t pay anything. Your team can grow (or shrink) and you can adjust your Nozbe Teams plan accordingly.


There are no hidden fees. No surcharges. No pro-rata additional invoices.

You save 20% when you choose a yearly plan. We believe in the long haul and we want our customers to really commit to using Nozbe Teams.

This way they get a better deal and we get more money upfront to invest in our product, making it better for the customers.

True win-win all around.

After all, we’re just a small 21-person team, already 14 years in business that has no outside investors. Financed 100% by our customers.

New pricing page:

More information and details on our new pricing page prepared by Emilia and Konrad from our team. Let me know what you think!

Promoting the FREE option:

I’ve purchased an extra domain that leads to the same pricing page:

Team is free DOT com #TeamIsFree

It’s an experiment to promote that no team has an excuse NOT to use Nozbe Teams because it’s really completely free for up to 5 projects and 5 people, so:

With Nozbe Teams - Team Is FREE

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